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Review: Business unIntelligence (Barry Devlin)

To start with, this book was nothing like what I expected – but that proved to be no bad thing, far from it. Dr. Devlin cuts through all the hype about big data, the cloud, data science and the rest to present his thesis on what really matters when it comes to information management – […]

Material Evidence: is a picture really worth a thousand words?

This evening I attended a seminar hosted by the University of Toronto entitled “Material Evidence: is a picture really worth a thousand words?” The panel comprised the Director of the Global City Indicators Facility (GCIF) Prof. Patricia McCarney; media artist Ben Rubin; and the visual op-ed columnist for the New York Times Charles M. Blow. […]


Social Media + Big Data = Confused Journalism

I’ve just come across this article,¬†which claims that the combination of social media and big data will be responsible for who wins the US Presidential election in 2016. It’s a bold assertion, and it comes on the back of many other opinion pieces that vaunt the major role of big data in the 2012 election. […]

Edward Snowden

PRISM, Snowden and the NSA: when Big Data becomes Too Much Data

A lot has already been written about Edward Snowden’s claims regarding the NSA and its PRISM program. I don’t intend to get into the politics of this issue or contemplate what Snowden’s motivations might be – this has been covered at length elsewhere. My interest, at this point, lies in the technical implications of what […]