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Review: Business unIntelligence (Barry Devlin)

To start with, this book was nothing like what I expected – but that proved to be no bad thing, far from it. Dr. Devlin cuts through all the hype about big data, the cloud, data science and the rest to present his thesis on what really matters when it comes to information management – […]

Data on demand: why a good data model matters

 A new colleague joined my project this week. He has never worked with data architects before and was curious about what, exactly, we do. He knew about the end result: typically an analytical report of some kind, measuring key performance indicators or providing answers to common business questions. “Don’t you just need to write a […]

The Cloud

Amazon Redshift

At its recent re:Invent partner conference, Amazon unveiled a cloud-based data warehousing solution, provisionally named Redshift. The Register has more details here. This is not the first time that the concepts of “cloud” and “BI” have come together. What is interesting, though, is how Amazon is seeking to position this new technology (or, at least, […]