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Memory: what is a memory address?

How, exactly, does a computer know where to load a program into memory, and how does that program then access and retrieve information from memory? The key to answering both of these questions lies in the concept of memory addressing, which will be the subject of this post.

Memory: how computer programs work

In this post, we will explore how memory is actually used by computer programs. In so doing, we will also examine the concept of memory addressing and why it is fundamental to the workings of any computer program.

Memory: how a computer stores and accesses information

How does a computer ‘remember’ something, and furthermore how is it able to recall some things but not others? In this post, we will explore the concept of memory, what it means and how a computer uses it.

How does a computer store data: text

In this post, we will look at how a computer is able to store and represent text – once again, using just ones and zeros.

How does a computer store data: numbers

We will examine exactly how data is stored by a computer. In this post, we will look at numbers.

Binary: how everything boils down to ones and zeros

Just how can meaningful information be rendered into a series of ones and zeros in the first place? In this post, we will look at the architecture of a computer, how programming languages are translated and – ultimately – how everything can be captured by a computer in binary.

Why hire a consultant?

For those who never have, the idea of hiring consultants may seem like an easy way to blitz a departmental budget with relatively little to show for it in return. This is particularly acute when you may already have employees who could do the work without any of the additional overhead. As a seasoned consultant, […]